World Champion and series MVP Ben Zobrist tell us how Joe Maddon led the Cubs to their first World Series victory in over 100 years.  

Zobrist talks about what makes Joe Maddon great: his ability to keep a positive attitude no matter what the situation is.  There were many times when their team was down by more than three runs and Joe would come out to the mound during a pitching change and tell his guys they were still going to win.  

Another important quality that makes him a great manager is his fearlessness.  Joe takes risks to win baseball games, and this is very important to have success as a manager.  He also has the pleasure of managing great players like Ben Zobrist who possess outstanding work ethics.  

Ben works with our founder David Franco in the off-season all winter to make sure he is ready to help his club during the season.

If there is one takeaway from this video: always stay positive and encourage your players.  

Look at them now: they are World Series champions!

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