You guys have been awesome.  I’ve received a boatload of supportive emails recently about the college baseball recruiting process as well as the College Baseball Recruiting Survival Guide that I recently announced.  I’m glad there are people as excited as I am about this.

To be eligible to win a free College Baseball Recruiting Survival Guide, all you have to do is answer ONE question in the comments section of this post.

(Contest has ended).

The winner will receive:

  1. College Baseball Recruiting Survival Guide ($47)
  2. Next Level Ballplayer T-Shirt ($15)
  3. Personal 20 minute follow up call from me 1-2 weeks after you’ve read the CBR SG to answer any specific questions you might have about recruiting, or anything else (Priceless… just kidding).

The ONE Question:

Why do you think the College Baseball Recruiting Survival Guide can help you achieve your goal (or your son’s goal) of getting a baseball scholarship?  (Note:  Let me know exactly which aspects of the recruiting process you most want help with.)

How I pick the winner(s):

I’ll read through all the comments and pick out what I feel is the best answer.

You might be asking yourself right now, “What the heck is the College Baseball Recruiting Survival Guide?” Great question. The short simple answer:  The CBR SG is an all-inclusive product that includes everything a player and parent need to get a baseball scholarship without wasting time and money on questionable recruiting services and showcases.

A coach recently emailed me after hearing about the CBR SG; “I’m just tired of all the Vultures/Scavengers that lurk waiting to drain parents of hard-earned money with costly showcases, and other schemes claiming to assist in the process.”

This is only one of many college baseball recruiting problems that players and parents must navigate through.

Let’s address a few main points.

Some topics covered in the book:

  • The Recruiting Process from the Perspective of the College Coach
  • Factors that Influence College Baseball Coaches (Beyond Talent)
  • How Do Coaches Find You?
  • How to Stand Out When Playing in Front of College Coaches
  • Are You Good Enough to Play D1?  If Not, Where Do You Stack Up?
  • College Recruiting Services:  Scam or Value?
  • The Showcase Scam that is Sweeping America
  • How To Decide Which Showcases are Legitimate?
  • How to Not Waste Your Day at a Showcase!
  • How to Determine Which Colleges Are the Right Fit for You
  • Beware of the “String Along”
  • Why “Walking On” Usually Means the End of your Competitive Baseball Career
  • How to Email and Call a Coach
  • What to Do When The Scholarship Offers Come

There will also be four bonuses included, but I’m going to keep those a secret for now… Okay, one hint. One of them is an interview with the greatest college baseball recruiter on the planet.

Who the CBR Survival Guide is for:

This is for the high school player who wants to play at the next level – college baseball.  This is for the parents who want the best for their son and want to understand the ins and outs of the college baseball recruiting process (without breaking the bank).  This is for the high school coach who wants an insider’s look at the college recruiting process so he can better help his players.

Why I decided to write the CBR Survival Guide:

“I have so many (college recruiting) questions I am not even sure where to start.  I have read about a thousand articles on baseball recruiting and still feel as confused as before I started.”

– Michael, Georgia (Baseball Parent and NLB Reader)

For the last several years, I have been a sounding board to countless high school players and parents as they navigate through the maze of the college baseball recruiting process.  Often, the questions and stories are ones of frustration and confusion (as quoted above).  Beyond that, I have seen aspiring ballplayers shorten their playing careers by choosing the wrong school, or even worse, getting left out of college baseball all together while waiting for a scholarship that never came.

How the CBR Survival Guide will help you:

Numerous high school players and their families will spend thousands of dollars (way too much) wading through the college baseball recruiting process. This book will save you from overspending off the field, as well as show you how to stand out on the field. If you are going to spend time and money, I want to help make sure your time and money is well spent. This book should be the starting point of every single high school baseball family and player who aspires to play baseball in college. For those of you already further along in the recruiting process, don’t worry! This book will help you best prioritize your time and money to give you the best chance of receiving a college baseball scholarship.

Remember to leave a comment in the comment section below for a chance to win a free copy of the College Baseball Recruiting Survival Guide (Available for pre-sale on Tuesday April 24th).

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