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Every November brings the “Early Signing” period where high school baseball prospects have one week to sign with the college baseball program of their choice. Congratulations if you or your son just completed this process!  I remember going through it myself and experiencing the excitement of signing with a university before Thanksgiving of my senior year.  If a senior ballplayer doesn’t sign during that week in November, all is not lost.  April starts up a longer signing period that stretches to August.  Exact dates are frequently changing, so it’s best to do your homework to find signing dates for your senior year.

So you’ve signed.  Awesome.  Now what?  For many players, there is going to be a pressure to slack in the classroom, weight room, and ball field.  Not you.  Not Next Level Ballplayer readers.  Now that that’s clear, the question becomes, “How do you prepare for college baseball in order to give yourself the best chance to be an impact freshman on campus?”

Today we have University of Virginia assistant baseball coach Matt Kirby tackling this question.  Matt played four years of D1 baseball himself before starting his coaching career (now in his 12th season).  In this short video below, Coach Kirby talks about:

    • The potential pitfalls he’s seen happen to high school ballplayers after signing
    • How to best prepare yourself for college baseball
    • What the coaches are looking for once you step on campus
    • What UVA expects out of their players
    • And more!

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