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The Key to Being a Great Pitcher

I love asking the question, What is the biggest separator between good and great _____? You can fill in the blank with pitchers, hitters, fielders, high school players, and college players. Today, we fill in the blank for pitchers.  We’re … Continue reading

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What Should Pitchers Throw in an 0-2 Count? Red Sox AAA Pitching Coach Weighs In

Both Sides of the 0-2 Debate Today we are diving into a pitching discussion about what a pitcher should throw in a 0-2 count. Essentially, there are two sides of this passionate argument: 1.   DO NOT in any circumstance … Continue reading

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“Throw the Ball Right” With Dodgers’ Pitching Prospect Chris Withrow

This article is brought to you by Jaeger Sports, creator of Jaeger Sports J-Bands. If you’re a pitcher, guess what?  You are going to give up hits and runs.  What happens from there is one of the greatest separators of … Continue reading

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Need to Take Your Pitching to the Next Level? Here’s What John Smoltz Did (Hint: Mental Toughness)

At the All-Star break of the 1991 season, John Smoltz was 2-11 with a 5.16 ERA. It was the middle of his second full season in the Big Leagues and even though he had had some success in his rookie … Continue reading

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Clubhouse Convos with Derek Holland (Video)

The other day, the Rangers’ Derek Holland and his incredible mustache were nice enough to sit down with Next Level Ballplayer.com for an exclusive interview. Holland was the second most dominant AL pitcher during the second half of the 2011 … Continue reading

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