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10 Baseball (Life) Lessons I Learned From Playing For Tracy Smith

If you are following the College World Series right now, you’re familiar with the Indiana University baseball program and their head coach, Tracy Smith, or “Skip” as he’s known to his players. Coach Smith has led the IU Hoosier baseball … Continue reading

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Swiping Bags with a Smile… & More with Dodgers’ Dee Gordon

Today, I’m excited to sit down with 5’11”, 160-pound Dodgers’ shortstop, Dee Gordon.  Dee burst onto the scene with the Dodgers in 2011 with hits in his first three at-bats. He’s known as a speedster who always seems to be … Continue reading

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The Key to Being a Great Pitcher

I love asking the question, What is the biggest separator between good and great _____? You can fill in the blank with pitchers, hitters, fielders, high school players, and college players. Today, we fill in the blank for pitchers.  We’re … Continue reading

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6 Tips For Hitting Off A Tee Like A Big Leaguer

If you are a baseball position player, you’ve no doubt hit off of a tee before.  The question you should be asking after each “tee session” is… Did I get better hitting off the tee today? An honest player would … Continue reading

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Should You Play Multiple Sports or Only Baseball?

“If I’m serious about playing college baseball, should I quit the other sport(s) I play in order to focus on baseball year round?” I was speaking to a team with their parents and coaches, and a player asked me this … Continue reading

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Trusting Your Swing Like A Big Leaguer with Astros’ Coach Rodney Linares (Video)

Today, I’m excited to sit down with Astros’ Minor League Head Coach, Rodney Linares. Rodney spent six seasons in the Astros’ organization as a scout and hitting instructor before becoming a coach.  He has had the opportunity to work with some … Continue reading

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