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Why Too Many Pitchers Never Reach Their Potential (With Pitching Coach Dan Spencer)

If you want to pitch at the “Next Level”, you will face obstacles along the way that will make or break your baseball career. Your chances of successfully performing at the next level depends on how you respond to the … Continue reading

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The Key to Being a Great Pitcher

I love asking the question, What is the biggest separator between good and great _____? You can fill in the blank with pitchers, hitters, fielders, high school players, and college players. Today, we fill in the blank for pitchers.  We’re … Continue reading

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6 Tips For Hitting Off A Tee Like A Big Leaguer

If you are a baseball position player, you’ve no doubt hit off of a tee before.  The question you should be asking after each “tee session” is… Did I get better hitting off the tee today? An honest player would … Continue reading

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Approach at the Plate, Quickly Adjusting to Catching for a New Pitching Staff, 8 A.M. College Classes & More with Dodgers’ Catcher Tim Federowicz

If you’re a hitter, listen up.  If you’re a catcher, get cozy and read through this interview twice.  Today we are joined by Dodgers’ catcher Tim Federowicz.  His last name is hard to say, but he is one of the … Continue reading

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The Keys To Being a More Consistent Hitter, Being a Good Teammate, Overcoming Bad Calls, and More with The Mets’ Justin Turner

Today, I’m excited to sit down with Mets’ infielder Justin Turner.  Justin has played in the big leagues in each of the last four years, including over 200 games played with the Mets over the last two seasons. He’s known … Continue reading

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How to Prepare for College Baseball: You’ve Signed, Now What?! (Video)

Brought to you by the College Baseball Recruiting Survival Guide. Every November brings the “Early Signing” period where high school baseball prospects have one week to sign with the college baseball program of their choice. Congratulations if you or your son just … Continue reading

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