“I had the pleasure to hear Franco speak this past summer to a group of select players in the Dominican Republic. The information that he provided these young men on the mental approach to the game of baseball was first class. I wish I had the information that Franco provided during his talk when I was a young player.”

Matt Kirby

Baseball Coach, University of Virginia

If you’re interested in having Franco come speak to your team or group, contact him directly through the Contact page or e-mail him at Franco@nextlevelballplayer.com.

The Mental Side of Baseball

The mental side of baseball is a passion of mine that is clearly portrayed in my interviews, and has led to numerous speaking opportunities. The main title I usually use for my talks is something along the lines of, “The Hitting Routine of a Big Leaguer and The Art of Refocusing”.

In this presentations, I address:

– Playing at your ideal emotional level: How to get yourself pumped up or calmed down in less than 5 seconds

– Control what you can control: How the best players stay in the moment

– The importance of routine: Why routine and consistency go hand in hand

– The general hitting routine of big league hitters: How to make your own

– Getting out of slumps: Two things to ask yourself before questioning or changing your swing

– The art of refocusing: What it really means to be prepared to play baseball

– And More

Preparing for College Baseball


– What to expect when you step on campus for the first time

– Normal schedule for a freshman college baseball player

– Hardest adjustments for most freshman to make in College Baseball

– How to position yourself to get more playing time as a freshman

– What to expect from all areas of the college baseball player life (academic, athletic, social, nutrional, spiritual, and even how to establish good sleeping habits)

– What college coaches wished all incoming freshman players understood

– What to do the summer before you get on campus

– And More

College Baseball Recruiting

– How college coaches really find you

– How to standout when being recruited by college coaches

– How to know what level of college baseball is right for you

– How to find out if you would like playing for a certain coach

– How to tell which showcases are good and which are just money making scams (which A LOT are)

– Tricks to get college coaches to notice you in crowded camps or showcases

– Exactly how to contact college coaches

– And more


“David is a tremendous resource for the player who desires to play at the next level.  His knowledge of the game stems from his personal experience as a Division 1 player and has grown through his relationships with college and professional players and coaches.  If I was looking for advice or tips on anything from being a better player to the recruiting process, David Franco is the first guy I would contact”

Jake Boss

Head Coach, Michigan State University

“Hey Franco, So I just wanted to thank you again for a phenomenal talk last night. If a player wasn’t sure about what it takes to play at the next level they do now after listening to you. I talked to a few of my players today and they were more motivated than ever. I have coached baseball for about 30 years and I would tell any high school coach that however it has to be done, they should bring you in to speak. I personally feel the reason players respond to you is because you have a lot of experience in baseball at such a young age. Kids can tell when someone is BSing them, which you obviously are not. Plus you’re close enough in age to relate to them. Thanks again for a great talk.”

Mark Concini

Head Baseball Coach, Millville High School

“After you spoke to our team last night, the boys were really excited about the tips you gave them on the mental side.  They really appreciated it and I don’t think the timing could have been any better.  They are generally a pretty reserved group, as you could tell when they didn’t have many questions, but they were paying close attention to what you told them.”

Chris Engle

Head Coach, Licking County A’s

“Franco, Great to meet you in the Dominican Republic & thanks so much for talking to our team. Your insight definitely resonated with the kids. Every practice & game since we’ve been back, something from your discussion has come up & they’re really applying it in a positive way.”

Brian Pollzzie

Coach, Branson High School


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