Today Next Level Ballplayer got together with R.A Dickey, one of the best knuckleball throwers in the MLB. He was kind enough to take some time to share his wisdom.


In this interview, you’ll hear all about how R.A is able to focus when he is on the mound and block out all the distractions. It’s great to hear about what it takes to focus in a stadium that has tens of thousands of people in it; a task that isn’t easy to do, especially on a consistent basis.


You’ll also learn all about how R.A uses visualization to help him give his best consistently. He goes into depth on this topic and even shares when he does his visualizations. Some other things that R.A shares are: the mindset he takes into practices and games, his goals for the upcoming season, how he takes care of his arm, and more.


This is definitely a must watch for all pitchers!


A huge thanks to R.A for taking the time to chat with us and answer all of the questions!


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