Pitching with David Price: Throwing Hard, Recovering After a Start, How He Wants To Be Remembered, And More

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David Price isn’t just one of the best pitchers in the league, he’s also one of the game’s premier competitors. Here’s a quick look inside the pitching phenom’s head as he talks about, throwing hard, arm recovery the day after a start, pre season mindset, what he wants to accomplish in baseball and more.

How many pitches do you throw in the bullpen before games?
I listen to my arm. Usually 15-40 pitches. I just throw until my arm feels good. When I feel good I stop. (quick note: David and all other pitchers throw some in the outfield and do their stretching before their pregame bullpen. When you step on the bullpen rubber, it shouldn’t be the first time you’ve thrown a ball that day.)

Is there a secret to being able to throw hard?
I taught myself to throw hard by always throwing hard. I’m a believer that if you want to throw hard, you need to throw hard all the time. Some pitchers throw 100% only on the days they pitch. Even on most of my off days I’ll let it loose.

Do you throw every day during the season?
I try to, but it all depends on how my arm feels. Sometimes the day after I start a game, I’ll just run and maybe swim or do kettle bells. For the most part I’m throwing every day, even if it’s just easy long toss in the outfield.

What do you do to recover on days after you pitch?
Running makes my arm feel better. I’m running all the time to break up the lactic acid (in my arm). I also like to swim and do kettle bells. I’ll do kettle bell workouts almost every day.

You had a great year last year. What is your mindset going into a new season?
I want to be 32-0. Period. Not 31-1. 32-0. I want to be perfect. Reporters have asked me why I’m so hard on myself. I tell em, “That’s just how I am.”

What do you need to improve on as a pitcher?
Everything!! I’m always looking for ways to get better. Always looking for ways to improve.

What do you want to accomplish in professional baseball?
I want to be a hall of famer. I don’t play for a paycheck. I wanna leave my mark on baseball. When people think about pitching, I want them to think about David Price.

What you’ll notice if you ever spend time around David Price is that he is a relentless competitor who’s always striving to get better.  It’s easy to see that he has talent, but what really separates him from others is his mentality.  After a year in which he finished 19-6 and 2nd in the AL Cy Young voting, he is still hungry to improve.



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  • Captain D

    My man Franco had this idea for a blog and two weeks later is busting out high quality content. Bravo my friend! Stay tuned people…

  • http://diamondhoggers.com Mevs

    My friend who was in Nashville for the convention was really excited to hear Price speak. He called me the night Price spoke and was irate! He was fired up about the ‘how do you want to be remembered’ question in particular. He couldn’t believe his answer didn’t deal with being a great teammate, winning World Series rings, etc. It really grinded his gears! He also said he wasn’t impressed hearing about how D. Price liked to pitch in general. Like he said, there’s not much to it when you throw 94-95+. He would have rather heard him talk about how he pitched to Derek Jeter, A-Rod, etc. It’s funny that you were there!

    • thenextlevelballplayer

      Yeah, it wasn’t what I expected either. It was interesting hearing him speak cause you learned what kind of person he is and the mindset he takes to the mound, but I would have liked more. I did find it interesting he said nothing about winning World Series.

  • Charles

    I’m curious to see how Price follows up last year. I’m not sold on him as an elite pitcher just yet. He needs another year or two as a premier pitcher to prove himself in the Bigs.

  • http://www.nextlevelballplayer.com kyle

    my arm is hurting near my shoulder and want to know what i can do to make it better

    • http://www.nextlevelballplayer.com Franco

      Hi Kyle. We here at NLB are not doctors and therefore you should ask this to your team trainer and/or sports therapist. The worst thing you can do is ignore the pain and play through it… Best of luck with your wing.

  • Kevin

    Really great pitching insight. Thanks

    • http://www.nextlevelballplayer.com Franco

      Thanks Kevin. You can really tell those guys who are “competitors”… Price is one of those guys.