Repetition can be used as a tool to regain focus in many different sports. In basketball, players will dribble the ball and spin it in their hands a unique way before a free-throw attempt to clear their head and focus on the shot.

In tennis, before a serve, the player will follow the same routine of tossing the ball against the court and throwing it in the air the same way before serving.

Texas Ranger’s right-handed pitcher, Phil Klein, follows a similar routine. When he needs to regain focus while on the mound, he will wipe the rubber clean and dig a little deeper into his foot hole.

Klein is a  26 year-old native of Columbus, Ohio. He played baseball at Youngstown State University and was a 30th round selection in 2011 by the Texas Rangers.

He made his major league debut on August 1st, 2014.

When we sat down for an interview with Klein, he emphasized the importance of being in the right frame of mind while pitching.

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