In this week’s blog, Otterbein pitching/strength coach Johnny LaCorte talks about engaging your lower body when throwing off the mound.  Coach LaCorte talks about how pitching is a kinetic chain: it starts with your feet and ends with the ball coming out of your hand. 


While pitchers should always be trying to get out front and find a good release point, too many pitchers today are ignoring their lower halves.  This is where a majority of your velocity will come. 


When we set up on the rubber, we want to make sure we are in a good athletic position; this will allow us to have more balance when we lift our leg to initiate our motion.  Make sure your hips are always leading the way, if they aren’t you are not using your legs enough. 


Utilize some of the things Coach LaCorte talks about in this week’s video to improve your leg drive off the mound.



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