How a Gold Glove 3rd Basemen Cut Out 5-10 Errors Per Season


Throwing the baseball across the diamond is something a lot of infielders take for granted.

It can be done without much thought, but if you are passionate about making it to the next level, you know by now that attention to the fundamentals is a must.

“Gripping the baseball” seems like a simple conversation, but being able to consistently get a four seam grip takes practice.

Today, Gold Glove 3rd Baseman Chase Headley takes a few minutes to show the adjustment he made a few years back that helped him become known as one of the best defensive 3rd basemen in the game, how he practices making good throws, and how it translates into games.

If you are an infielder, take the 3 minutes to watch Chase’s video and start perfecting your four seam grip until it becomes second nature.

Cheers to getting better today,




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One Trick To Hitting High Velocity Fastballs

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 1.46.13 PM

Sometimes one adjustment in your hitting approach can make a BIG difference in how productive you are at the plate.

Having the right information to help you decide what adjustments to make and how to go about doing it, could be a huge advantage for you as a hitter.

That’s why I take the time to hunt down major league all-stars to spill the beans on how they do what they do and what steps they take to continue doing it throughout their entire baseball career.

Listen to Zack Cozart (Reds’ SS) speak about the importance of getting your front foot down early and how that helps him hit higher velocity pitching… and he shares his ENTIRE approach that allows him to be consistent.

It’s a great piece of advice, that I’ve heard from the mouth of many different big league ballplayers.

Now you have no excuse to not being a fast-ball hitting machine!

Enjoy the video.


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Having Fun In a Game of Failure and More with Adam Dunn


Hey what’s up guys, hope everyone is having a great week.

If you are a fan of long home runs, you are automatically a fan of the White Sox’s Adam Dunn.

Dunn is in his 14th big league seasons and has 443 (and counting!) home runs to his name.

Despite being one of MLB’s most feared home run hitters in the last 15 years, Dunn is a very down to earth and nice guy.

He was more than willing to spend some time with Next Level Ballplayer to talk about the importance of having fun while playing a game of failure, why “hitting mechanics” are a scary thing, and his best advice to ballplayers who want to make it to the next level.

Special thanks to Adam Dunn for hanging out with NLB… enjoy this insight from one of the top power hitters in the game.




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The Tools You Need To Be A Standout Infielder w Penn State’s Coach Cooper


Like everything else, being a great infielder takes hard work and dedication.

It goes beyond having good hands and good feet. You have to take pride in your defense and have an aggressive mindset.

These are just a few points that Penn State head baseball coach, Rob Cooper, touches on in our interview.

The video is less than 3 minutes long, but is packed with great insight for infielders.

Coach Cooper breaks down what infielders can do to stand out on the field, the hardest adjustments for infielders transitioning from HS to College baseball (HS infielders need to start working on this one tip right now!) and the most common infielding mistake he sees.




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Wanna Play Baseball With Confidence? Ask Yourself This Question


Serious hitters and coaches, listen up. We have a gem today.

Not too long ago I spent a long weekend in Dallas at the American Baseball Coaches Association representing Next Level Ballplayer and catching up with friends and former coaches of mine.

I had my usual convention roommate, the one and only, Steve Springer.

Billy Beane was actually a longtime roommate of Spring, so I feel like I have some big shoes to fill.

For those of you who don’t know “Spring”, you are missing out and need to check out his legendary mental hitting CD/DVD at Quality At Bats.

Spring is the mental performance coach for the Toronto Blue Jays and works with a ton of the top hitters in MLB.

I got the camera rolling in our hotel room to talk about the one thing every ballplayer wants, but struggles to consistently have…


Spring dives into what it takes to be a confident player daily, pitfalls to look out for, how Paul Goldschmidt stays confident, and much more.

The Question:

“Do I care what my batting average is?”

Check out the 5 minute interview with Spring for his in depth breakdown of being a confident player.



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What One D1 Baseball Coach Looks For When Evaluating Catchers (w Columbia Head Coach Boretti)

Today we are joined by Columbia Head Baseball Coach Boretti to talk catching.
Coach Boretti was a big time catcher himself at Davidson College where he eventually was inducted into their athletic Hall of Fame.
After a little bit of time in the Indians organization he began his coaching career before taking over as head coach at Columbia in 2005.
Catching is clearly a passion for Coach Boretti, and I appreciate him giving us a few minutes of his time to break down what he looks for when evaluating catchers, what “receiving the ball well” means to him, and more 
Many thanks to Coach Boretti for sharing his helpful insight.

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