A Professional Hitter’s Batting Tee Routine You Should Steal (With Matt Murton)

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If you are a hitter who wants to make it to the next level, you hopefully understand by now that it’s going to take hard work.

With that being said, two other crucial factors of being a great hitter are

1. Knowing your swing

2. Having a hitting work routine that you trust

Matt Murton has hit everywhere he has gone. From hitting .385 as a Freshman All American at Georgia Tech, to hitting .286 in five MLB seasons, to going to Japan and breaking Ichiro’s single season hits record… Murton rakes everywhere he goes.

It’s been awesome working with him this off season and getting a front row view of his work ethic and routine (Plus he’s an awesome person).

The dude clearly has a plan and knows what he needs to do to continue to get better every day.

If you are a hitter, I can’t recommend strongly enough- WATCH THIS VIDEO!! of Matt walking you through his exact hitting routine and explaining the why throughout.

Then my challenge to you becomes this- Create your own routine. Feel free to start with Matt’s routine and then tweak it here and there until you have a great routine that works for you.

Oh, and by the way, be sure to watch to the end for Matt’s free 30 second Japanese lesson! Priceless.

Also, if you want a little more Matt Murton in your day, check out this video of him breaking Ichiro’s single season hits record in front of a crazy crowd.




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Why Angled Front Toss Is Logan Forsythe’s Favorite Hitting Drill

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A lot of times I hear players talk about a certain hitting drill they like to go back to when they are struggling a little bit, but rarely do I hear a hitter talk about a specific drill he likes to do when he’s feeling great.

Today we are joined by big leaguer Logan Forsythe to talk about the drill that he loves to do both when he’s struggling, and when he’s going good… angled front toss.

Check out the 2 minute video below of Logan talking about the drill and then showing us how it’s done (while I make perfect flips!).

Hat tip to my boy Matt Murton for taking care of the introduction!

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How Pitching In The Moment Took Jake Johansen From a 45th Rounder to a 2nd Round MLB Draft Pick

jale johansan baseball

Today we dive into the importance of pitchers being able to stay in the moment while on the mound.

Our minds seem to always be tempted to dwell on the past or the future. The best ballplayers learn to train their minds to consistently stay in the moment.

Today we hear from the Washington Nationals first overall 2013 draft pick (which came in the 2nd round), Jake Johansen.

I met Jake a few years back while he was pitching for Dallas Baptist University. He is a great person with tons of physical talent, but almost all our convos over the years ended up being about the mental side of pitching.

Going from a 45th round draft pick out of HS to a 2nd rounder four years later was a mental toughness journey for Jake. He had one of the best pitching coaches in the country to help (Wes Johnson).

Jake finished his first season of pro baseball w a 1.92 era in 12 starts.

In the video below, Jake talks about his mental side of pitching, the specific phrase he says to himself before every start, best advice for aspiring pitchers, and more.


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Advanced Throwing for Infielders


As a lot of you guys know, I was recently in the Dominican Republic to speak to a group of baseball coaches at a conference in Alta Mayor, DR.

One of the topics I spoke on was infield play and throwing angles came up. The best infielders have good “arm action” and are able to throw accurately from different arm angles, the main 3 arm angles being “normal”, “over the top”, and “side arm”.

To consistently make all the plays, infielders need to have all three mastered. I’m repeatedly told by college coaches how important handling the “slow roller” is in evaluating infielders.

To make that play well, you need to be able to throw side arm accurately and with some velocity. The only way to do that is to practice, practice, practice.

There are many aspiring infielders who are only able to throw from one angle. As a baseball player, you are playing catch almost every day during the season and there’s no excuse not to use that time to work on your throwing.

Here is a short video I made in the Dominican talking for a minute about the importance of throwing from different arm angles… And in case you were wondering how many takes it took to make it- only 1! (See random motorcycle on baseball field around the :45 sec mark!)


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The Secret To Standing Out On The Ball-field w/ Sal Fasano


Every player wants to stand out on the field but so few really know what it takes to not just stand out, but be great.

It’s an art that very few high-school and college players have mastered.

Lucky for you we have a former big league baseball player ready to spill the beans.

In this baseball video, Sal Fasano will share with everyone how important the “will” to succeed at a higher level of baseball is, how he’s seen “iron sharpen iron”, and the key element in making yourself a well-rounded ballplayer.

Enjoy this interview and take action!

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Inside the Mind of Brandon Phillips in the Batter’s Box


Today we’re going back to a previous interview we did with the Reds’ Brandon Phillips to get inside his mind while in the batter’s box. While it seems that Brandon can come off as crazy (and hilarious), there is a very important lesson in today’s post…

Each player needs his own personal hitting routine, tweaked especially for himself.

We all know it’s a given that you need a hitting routine that you consistently use in the batters box, but it’s not going to be the exact same for everybody. Maybe you don’t tell yourself that it’s time to get famous when you enter the box, but you should have some positive phrase that you use that resonates with you.

Enjoy Brandon’s insight on his hitting routine, and advice to ballplayers looking to play at the next level:

From the mental side of hitting, do you have a routine that puts you in that happy place when you’re about to step in the box?

To tell you the truth, it’s all about my walk-up music that gets me into my “crunk zone” to really go up there and get amped up to try and make things happen.  When I’m on the road and I hear all the boos, it puts me in the zone because I need to get that motivation.  Some people think about money, some people think about fame, some people think about women, but I think about everything.  Setting goals for myself is very important because it helps me concentrate on things a little bit more.

What goes through Brandon Phillips mind when you step into the batter’s box?

Time to get famous baby!  Time to get famous.”  When you get in that batter’s box, it’s time to get famous.

What’s one piece of advice that you would give to aspiring baseball players that want to take their game to the next level?

Believe in yourself.  Don’t ever let anybody tell you that you can’t do something.  If somebody says you can’t do something then you have to tell yourself that you’ll prove ‘em wrong.

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