The Two Keys To Becoming a Great Hitter!


I get emails from hitters all the time asking for help with a common problem. It usually sounds something like this:

“I feel great hitting in practice, but once I’m in the game I continue to struggle. It’s so frustrating. Any advice?”

Today we are joined by former Astros and hitting guru, Chris Burke. Chris was a 3 time All American at the University of Tennessee, a 1st round draft pick by the Astros and hit one of the greatest post season walk off homeruns in the history of MLB.

Since his playing career has ended, he’s worked with hitters at every level and was nice enough to carve out a few minutes break down the two keys to being a great hitter and how to practice in order to make sure your practice swings are preparing you for the game.

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UCLA’s Coach Savage Shares His Top Baseball Recruiting Tip



Today I go 1-on-1 with UCLA’s head baseball coach John Savage (College World Series 2013 National Champions).

Special thanks to Coach Savage for taking the time to hangout and dig into…

  • What he looks for when recruiting HS hitters and pitchers
  • If he prefers players who play multiple sports in HS or baseball year round
  • Importance of watching other players play and seeing how they prepare
  • His top tip for HS players who want to play college baseball and beyond
  • And more



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Louisville Coach McDonnell Shares Recruiting Tip


I think we all know that college coaches want to recruit high school players that play hard…

What does it really mean to “play hard”?

Today we’re joined by one of the top college coaches in the country to answer that question.

Fresh off his 2nd straight College World Series appearance, Louisville coach Dan McDonnell joins us to break down how a high school player can stand out to him beyond raw talent.

Special thanks to coach McDonnell taking the time to join us.



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D1 Baseball Coach Shares The Intangibles He Looks For When Recruiting



Wow, it’s been a crazy month in the baseball world. A few congratulations are in order before we get to today’s article.

1. Congrats to Vanderbilt for winning the 2014 CWS. Coach Corbin is a great coach who has built a juggernaut in Nashville.

2. Congrats to my college coach Tracy Smith, who after leading Indiana to another great season, took the head coaching job at Arizona State. Best of luck at ASU skip! If you haven’t read it yet, here’s an article I wrote on the 10 Life Lessons I Learned From Tracy Smith.

3. One other thing. For you high school baseball players looking to play college baseball, stay posted for a huge NLB announcement next week.

Without further ado, here’s today’s article…

If you are reading this article, you probably have aspirations of one day playing college baseball. If that’s true, than understanding what college coaches are looking for becomes very important.

When most players and parents think about getting recruited, they think about throwing hard, running fast and hitting the ball far… They don’t understand that it goes way beyond that for most college coaches.

When it comes to being recruited College baseball coaches look for more than just talented players, they also take a serious look at the intangibles… especially at the D1 level where there is a lot of competition for each scholarship.

Today we are privileged to be joined by one of my favorite college coaches, University of Washington coach, Donegal Furgus.

Coach Furgus breaks down the intangibles that they look for at UW and the importance of keeping an open mind while going through the recruiting process… Enjoy.



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Want a Deeper Focus In the Batters Box? Make This Simple Adjustment In Practice

jason stein eyes

Many players and coaches assume that when a hitter is struggling the plate the culprit is a mechanical or mental problem. Very seldom is the question, “is the hitter seeing the ball effectively” asked.

“Sure they’re seeing the ball…their looking right at it!” So they may be thinking.

You’d be surprised just how much information is not picked up when trying to judge rotation, spin, velocity and pitch plane effectively.

In this video with Jason Stein from the Cleveland Indians, he’ll share a few quick ideas on how you can develop the “vision” aspect of hitting a baseball!

I hope you enjoy this quick baseball interview clip.


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Most Effective Way Catchers Can Improve Pop Time (Answer Might Surprise You)

molina (1)

“Pop Time” is a very sexy term in the world of catching. Every catcher with aspirations of playing at the next level probably knows their pop time and has goals in place to help improve that time.

Most people immediately think arm strength, but today’s guest goes a different route when I ask him about the most effective way for catchers to improve their pop time.

Enter Columbia University Baseball Coach, Coach Boretti. Coach Boretti was a stud catcher in his own right (Davidson Baseball Hall of Fame), and has continued to develop catchers as a coach since his playing days in the Indians organization came to an end.

Special thanks to Coach Boretti for spending some time with us and sharing his catching wisdom.


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