Sean Casey on Hitting, Hustle and More (Video)

This week we are joined by longtime MLB hitting machine Sean Casey. Nicknamed “The Mayor” and known for being a great guy, Casey hit .302 over his 12 year career in the big leagues. Before getting drafted in the 2nd round by the Indians in 1995, he led all of Division 1 College Baseball in hitting with a .461 average for the University of Richmond. It’s safe to say he knows a little bit about hitting and playing the game the right way.

I want to give a ‘tip of the cap’ to JP and Kevin from Green Diamond Gallery (greatest baseball memorabilia collection outside of Cooperstown) for asking these questions for NLB after one of their events. Also, many thanks to Sean Casey for taking the time to talk about hitting, hustle and his advice to ballplayers looking to take their game to the next level.

Before we start here is a great Sean Casey interview quote for your locker:

“If you can’t give your teammates four (hard) seconds down the line, than you shouldn’t be wearing the uniform.”



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  • Clint

    This is awesome Franco. Was just thinking about how much further along I could have been from an approach standpoint to have some of the things down that Casey talks about when I was a young player. Relax, let the ball get deep, not give away at bats, live in the moment, etc. All things that I feel like I learned too late to really do a lot with. Just another reason why NLB is a great place to start good habits as a young player.

    • Franco

      I’m right there with you Clint. Casey’s answers are short but power packed. Hopefully current ballplayers can get a lot out of this before they are talking about their past careers like we do!

  • Trent

    Clint — The most important thing is that you never stop learning, so even if it doesnt help you now you can pass along the word if you ever coach or have kids who play ball. Casey was a pros pro and approached every bat as if it were the most important at-bat of his career. He created his success from working hard. NLB appreciates you being a fan, and dont be a stranger!