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Next Level Ballplayer has taken off much faster than expected. We have been hearing great feedback from ballplayers and coaches around the country and look forward to helping more and more players make it to the ‘next level.’ Our goal is to have 250+ new subscribers between now and the MLB All-Star break in July, so tell your teammates, friends, players and coaches. Just so we’re on the same page, there will be two new posts per week and subscribing just means that you get a brief email telling you each time a new post goes up. I love getting both good and bad feedback from readers, so keep it coming.

Over the past few weeks, NLB has felt honored to be featured on five reputable baseball blogs and has been special guest for a podcast that was broadcasted on eight radio stations around the country. Below is the rundown of NLB around the web along with what other people have been saying.

The Baseball Show Podcast Features Franco of NLB

Clint Evans ( and Michael Rosenbaum ( had me on The Baseball Show to talk about Next Level Ballplayer, my trip to spring training, my love for the Dodgers, and plenty more. It’s a long podcast, but worth the listen if you have the time. Some of the topics covered:

The first half of the show was a lot of fun, and we talked about the following:

  • The idea behind the site, Next Level Ballplayer.
  • Why aren’t high school kids better prepared for the mental side of the game?
  • Franco talks about his experiences playing with or against guys like John Ely, Joe Blanton, Dirk Hayhurst, Drew Stubbs, Rice University, University of Texas and many more guys who are now in the big leagues.
  • A funny story about him spending 9 innings in the GM’s box with the GM of his favorite team, Ned Colletti
  • A tale from Fall Baseball in college, involving fiery John Ely
  • Talking Jim Tracy’s influence and management style when he took over in Colorado
  • Thoughts on the Dodgers for 2011
    Tales from Spring Training

What was said about the podcast:
Clint: “That show was one of the most fun I’ve been a part of. We’d love to have you back sometime soon.”
Mike: “It was a lot of fun talking with you and hearing about everything that you’re doing.”

Rockies Review and Bleacher Report Highlight NLB’s Jim Tracy Article

Both the and picked up NLB’s article on Jim Tracy of the Rockies and had some good things to say about it.

Reader of Bleacher Report- “Definitely a good read, thanks.”
Rockies Review founder David Martin to Franco- “Keep up the good work. I got really good feedback on your article.”

Diamond Hoggers Reviews NLB

Here is an excerpt from the Diamond Hoggers article about NLB:

“There’s never really been a blog that I’ve come across in all my years of searching the interwebs that taught young and aspiring ballplayers how to actually be ballplayers. Until now. And leave it to one of the greatest teammates I’ve ever had to be the guy to think of the great idea to develop a blog that would educate a young player on everything he needs to know to do just that.

My friend Franco has launched, so please check it out if you haven’t yet. Franco played major Division I baseball at Miami of Ohio with some really big time guys. I played with him from the time we were kids until our last high school game. He was a lot of fun to go through the trenches with.

I spent what seems like dozens upon dozens of games watching him make jaw-dropping plays at shortstop when I was out in left field. There was more than a few times I think he actually bailed me out with a play in short left field (thanks Franco). Beyond his athleticism, he was always an excellent example of a guy who took great care of himself and showed up ready to play. He prepared extremely well, he loved and understood the game, and he was successful at it. This isn’t a guy who hit 10 home runs in little league writing about how to play the game the right way. This is someone who I deeply respect on the field–as well as his knowledge of the game and surrounding aspects…”

Thanks to Clint at Diamond Hoggers for the nice words.  Clint is a great guy who’s passion for baseball is always easy to see. The full article can be found here.

The Golden Sombrero Weighs in on NLB

Mike, co-founder and writer: “Once again, love your site and the idea behind it; it’s brilliant, dude.”

Miami University Recognizes Franco and Uses NLB’s College Bats Article

The article was titled: Baseball Alum Writes for National Blog.
It was a great honor to be mentioned on the official website for Redhawk athletics. I look forward to writing more for them in the future.



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