Boy, do we have a treat for you today.  Not only are we joined by a former MVP, but that former MVP happens to be fairly entertaining in his own way.  At different parts of the interview I thought he might just break into his own comedy act and steal the entire show.  I’m glad he didn’t because in between his jokes, there is some GREAT information for ballplayers to learn and apply.  His name is George Foster, part of the famous Big Red Machine.

I could tell you all about his MVP year, his 5 All-Star game appearances, the fact that he’s in the Cincinnati Reds’ Hall of Fame, but really you should just watch the videos.  In the first video, we talk about guessing pitches, what separates the good from great ballplayers, importance of muscle memory and how long it takes to make a physical change, his mindset in the batter’s box, why you should be doing “one handed” hitting drills and more.  Keep an eye out around the 2:15 mark when we get video bombed by a big Reds fan… here at NLB we just roll with the punches.

Quick quote of the day from George:

“Don’t Guess Pitches.  Anticipate.”

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The Best of George Foster Talking Pete Rose, Being Scared, Teammate That Stood Out the Most, Japanese & More

The second video below is more for Reds’ fans and pure video entertainment.  In the Best of George Foster video (3:34 long), he’s talking about teaching Pete Rose everything he knows, which teammate stood out the most, what Pete Rose was like to play with, the two pitchers who gave him trouble, him dropping some Japanese on us, and a few extras.

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What’d you think?  Take a second to leave your highlights and input in the “Comments” section below!


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