If you are a baseball position player, you’ve no doubt hit off of a tee before.  The question you should be asking after each “tee session” is…

Did I get better hitting off the tee today?

An honest player would admit that most swings off the tee are mindless without any real rhythm or purpose.  That stops today as we bring in former D1 All-American and MLB 1st Round Draft Pick, Brad Snyder to share his tee secrets in the video below.

Let’s hear Brad Snyder break down his tee routine, how he gains feedback from his swings, his goal of each swing, why every player should train with a wooden bat, and more.

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Tee Takeaways:

  1. Use a wood bat.
  2. Try to hit the balls with backspin to the back of the net.
  3. Get a feel for hitting the ball on the barrel.
  4. Have tee warm-up routine to do consistently.
  5. Play games by trying to hit spots at the back of the cage with the batted ball.
  6. Hit a lot!!

The other day I heard a great story from James Ramsey (STL Cardinals’ 2012 1st Round Draft Pick) about Buster Posey.  James recently finished up his college career at Florida State where Buster played his college baseball a few years earlier and would train in the offseason.  I asked James what Buster’s offseason hitting training included, and the answer surprised me a bit.  “Buster would do the exact same tee routine every day, over and over.”  We’ll dive into his exact routine in a future article, but the point is that hitting off a tee is a great way to hone your swing like a big leaguer.

What are your favorite tee drills?


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