Learning How to Hit Like a Big Leaguer & Defensive Tips with Reds’ Zack Cozart (Video)

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This week we are joined by Reds’ shortstop Zack Cozart. Zack was a second round draft pick by the Reds in 2007 and has worked his way through the organization to become their shortstop of the future. Early on in his professional career, he was best known for his defense. Zack hit around .220 his first year of Pro baseball, leaving people wondering if his offense would ever catch up to his defense. It’s safe to say his hard work has paid off as he moved up a level every year until making his big league debut in 2011.

Many thanks to Zack for taking the time to sit down with Next Level Ballplayer to talk about how he developed his hitting, the one piece of hitting advice that got him out of his worst slump (led to a 5-5 night two hours later), the mental side of hitting and fielding, how he handles high expectations, his advice on taking your game to the next level and more.



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  • Brady Stubbs

    Thank you so much Zack! I am a 14 year old baseball player and I’ve been playing since I could hold a bat. Right now, I am in a slump and I was thinking it was physically me… But now, I know it is more of the mental side that I’m messing up on. I just need to work on my mechanics and practice. I really thank you Mr. Cozart and Next Level Baseball for posting this video and helping me out as a player.

    • http://www.nextlevelballplayer.com Franco

      Brady! Thanks for sharing man. That is awesome that you’ve been able to make an adjustment and are feeling better already. This is a mental game and if you learn that at the age of 14, you will be light years ahead of the other kids your age. Keep working hard and best of luck on and off the field!