“How Many Swings Does It Take To Be A Great Hitter?” & More With Indian’s Hitting Instructor Jim Rickon

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Cleveland Indian’s hitting instructor Jim Rickon. Going into his 14th season as a part of the Indians organization, he has been a player, bullpen catcher, and hitting instructor. Just a few of the superstars he’s played with and/or coached are Victor Martinez, Kenny Lofton, Omar Vizquel, CC Sabathia, Jim Thome, and many more.  Currently Jim is the hitting instructor for the Indian’s single A team.

Many thanks to Jim for taking some time to talk with Next Level Ballplayer about the ins and outs of being a great hitter. In this 5 minute video interview, we cover: the first thing you should do when you start mis-hitting balls, how to make sure you stay balanced in the box (drills to help), best Indians hitter he has seen, how much you should hit if you are serious about being a great hitter (3:00 mark) and more.



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  • Rick Finley


    You have some great interviews with Jim Rickon, and the staying inside the ball (video). Once I get my site up, I would like to add your link to my website. Like I said before, I like what NLB is about!!! I also adding a link that is similar to what you discussed at the seminar in Cincinnati.


    The weekend of September 29 and September 30th, I will be filming a video for one of the sponsors. Once finished I will forward you the link.

    Great Stuff!! Keep working hard!!

    Rick Finley

    • http://www.nextlevelballplayer.com Franco

      Sounds great Rick! Thanks for the info and support of NLB.

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