Dante Bichette played 13 seasons in the big leagues, most notably as a 4 time All-Star with the Colorado Rockies. As a career .300 hitter with nearly 300 homeruns, Bichette credits much of his success to his ability to “setup” the pitcher.

     He used to love when he looked really bad his first at bat because the rest of the day would be easy for him; he knew that pitcher would keeping going back to that particular pitch later in the game to try and get him out.

     Hitters are not the only ones doing this, as the pitcher is constantly trying to do the same thing on the mound. With a runner in scoring position, he says many pitchers will go to their breaking ball or change-up on the first pitch.

     Having a game plan and a general idea of what you are looking for is key to having success at the plate. These are all things to watch for during the game and can help you tremendously improve your abilities as a baseball player.

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