In this week’s Coaching Blog out of the Baseball Coaching Academy (BCA), Coach Donny Harrel shares his best advice to youth baseball coaches when it comes to balancing the goals of practice and your goals as a coach during the game.


The #1 thing is this: it should be fun for the guys/gals.  When coaches get too serious about the product as opposed to the game, there can be problems.  Make short sessions of it; As you develop your practice plan, make sure each session is no longer than 5-7 minutes.


It never hurts to have volunteers, so make sure you have parents help when they can. These tips are guaranteed to help your players enjoy the game more and get to the next level.


Interested in taking your coaching to the next level? We are excited to announce that our BCA will soon be open to the public – be sure to be on the lookout for that! 


Thanks to Coach Harrel for taking the time to chat:




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