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“I get over 4,000 emails and letters a year from kids interested in playing at Kansas…” -Kansas Jayhawk Head Coach Ritch Price

Today’s video is a must watch for High School baseball players and parents who are preparing for the college baseball recruiting process. It addresses the most frequently asked question from high school players (How do I stand out?) and the biggest complaints I hear from college coaches (High School players don’t understand what hard work is and what kind of commitment it takes to play serious college baseball). Today we have Kansas Jayhawks head coach Ritch Price breaking down what it takes to stand out, play and be successful in college baseball.

I had the pleasure of spending a week in the Dominican Republic with Coach Price and the Kansas Jayhawk baseball team this past December as they played two 3 game series with the Royals’ and Indians’ DR academy teams. Anyone who spends time around Coach Price immediately notices that he is passionate about the game of baseball and a great teacher.  I learned a lot from our dinner conversations and listening to him address his team after games.

Special thanks to Coach Price for taking the time to do this interview with Next Level Ballplayer. In the video we touch on, highlight videos, how to stand out in the recruiting process, adjusting to the speed of the game in college, a typical day for a Kansas Jayhawk baseball player, expectations of working on your own, and more.

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