Attention Hitters! The next five minutes will change your baseball career for the better if you let it.

We are joined by University of Washington Hitting Coach and friend, Donagal Fergus.

Coach Fergus is one of my favorite guys in the baseball world because of his unique coaching style and deep believe in the mental side of baseball.

He doesn’t have a cookie cutter approach to the physical side of hitting, but instead encourages his players to take ownership and helps them find what works for them.

When it comes to the mental side of hitting, one of the phrases he likes to use with his guys is, “Don’t be pretty with the bat, compete with it.”

In the 4 minute video below, Coach Fergus breaks down, why he’s not a big “hitting drill guy”, the mindset that he wants his guys to have in the batter’s box, the importance of fully committing to your plan in the box, and more.

Many thanks to Coach Fergus for taking some time to hang out with us.



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