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This week in Coaches’ Corner, we sit down with Michigan State University baseball Head Coach Jake Boss.  Coach Boss is in his fifth season with the Spartans and has already established himself as one of the top coaches in the Big Ten with three 30-win seasons in a row.  His 2011 team won the Big Ten, and his 2012 team earned a NCAA tournament bid.

Previous to his time at Michigan State, Coach Boss coached at the University of Michigan and at Eastern Michigan where I had the “pleasure” of playing against Coach Boss’s team. I use “ “ around pleasure because his team beat my Miami of Ohio team in the 2003 MAC championship game in dramatic fashion… Still not completely over it!  Either way, I had the chance to spend some quality time with Coach Boss in the Dominican Republic a few weeks back, and he’s actually a great guy who knows a ton about the game of baseball!

We appreciate Coach Boss stopping by for this insightful look into the college baseball recruiting process, the hardest adjustment for freshman to make at the collegiate level, the best ways to prepare for college baseball, his advice to ballplayers that want to get better, and more!



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