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I’ve had a great response so far for the College Baseball Recruiting Survival Guide.  Here’s what a few readers and baseball folks have to say:

“I’m convinced that the ‘College Baseball Recruiting Survival Guide’ will save thousands of dollars for baseball families across the country.”

– Mark B. Founder of “Art of Baseball


“I Just fin­ished read­ing the book, and all I can say is WOW. This is THE per­fect guide to get­ting recruited. Your book doesn’t beat around the bushes like other books. Your book gets straight to the point on what you need to know to have the best oppor­tu­nity to get in to an excel­lent col­lege with an excel­lent base­ball pro­gram. So I wanted to say thank you for the great infor­ma­tion you have given me that will help me get recruited.”

–David M., High School Baseball Player


“’The Col­lege Base­ball Recruit­ing Sur­vival Guide’ was VERY help­ful. It pro­vided very prac­ti­cal, under­stand­able do’s and don’ts… It really pro­vided great insight into the coach’s per­spec­tive and their expectations.”

–Mike D. High School Baseball Dad


“It was a great book! I read it in one sit­ting and found it very infor­ma­tive. I am going to rec­om­mend it to my son’s coaches right now.”

–Barb H. High School Baseball Mom


“I just fin­ished read­ing the book and may i first just say great job on the writ­ing of ‘Col­lege Base­ball Recruit­ing Sur­vival Guide.’ It really pro­vided some pro­fes­sional insight on the col­lege recruit­ing process and truly was sim­ple and influ­en­tial! As a 16 year ball player want­ing to play base­ball at the “next level” it helped tremen­dously!!! It pro­vided the facts, stats, and rec­om­men­da­tions that I have always been won­der­ing and try­ing to find dur­ing this con­fus­ing process of being recruited. The book was put together per­fectly and I could not have asked for more! Thanks again for writ­ing and shar­ing your insight on the dif­fi­cult recruit­ing process that many ball play­ers strug­gle with!”

–Josh D High School Baseball Player


“I don’t care if I have to pay the $47 for your ‘College Baseball Recruiting Survival Guide.’ I have read all of your articles on Next Level Ballplayer and they all have been helpful. The idea behind of all that information is great. I have read many articles on the baseball recruiting process and yours by far are the easiest to read. The article and interviews are straight to the point.”

– Rudy S. High School Baseball Dad


“‘The College Baseball Recruiting Survival Guide’ is a must have for all aspiring baseball players wanting to take on the challenge and take their skills to the college level. Franco is known for doing high quality articles on NLB and how has created a high quality baseball recruiting guide.”

– Andrew P. High School baseball fan, parent and editor at


“From here on out, I will recommend that every one of our players that aspire to play college baseball, reads the ‘College Baseball Survival Guide’.”

–Brian P. High School and Travel ball coach


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