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Crusty Reflections About the Greatest Game on Earth (By Tim Dillard)

Hi guys, we have quite the treat today! One of my favorite ballplayers in the world has written a guest post for Next Level Ballplayer and I hope everyone gets a chance to read it. Tim Dillard is in his … Continue reading

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How a Gold Glove 3rd Basemen Cut Out 5-10 Errors Per Season

Throwing the baseball across the diamond is something a lot of infielders take for granted. It can be done without much thought, but if you are passionate about making it to the next level, you know by now that attention … Continue reading

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Inside the Mind of Brandon Phillips in the Batter’s Box

Today we’re going back to a previous interview we did with the Reds’ Brandon Phillips to get inside his mind while in the batter’s box. While it seems that Brandon can come off as crazy (and hilarious), there is a … Continue reading

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“How to Evaluate Baseball Players at all Levels” w/ Indians’ John Mirabelli

If you have played or coached baseball at any level, you have no doubt experienced many days of tryouts. Usually these tryouts bring about a lot of questions from both the coaches and players. Coaches- What should I be looking … Continue reading

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10 Baseball (Life) Lessons I Learned From Playing For Tracy Smith

If you are following the College World Series right now, you’re familiar with the Indiana University baseball program and their head coach, Tracy Smith, or “Skip” as he’s known to his players. Coach Smith has led the IU Hoosier baseball … Continue reading

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Playing Multiple Baseball Positions (How Important is it?) w Rick Sweet

How important is it to play different positions on the baseball field? The struggle for every player when they move on to the next level is breaking into the starting line up. Whether you’re an under clansmen in HS trying … Continue reading

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