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The Two Keys To Becoming a Great Hitter

I get emails from hitters all the time asking for help with a common problem. It usually sounds something like this: “I feel great hitting in practice, but once I’m in the game I continue to struggle. It’s so frustrating. … Continue reading

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Why You Need To Know Who You Are As A Player Today!

Who are you as a player? Are you able to answer that right away or is your answer more wishful thinking?… “Well, I’d say I’m a cross between Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera, and Derek Jeter.” Knowing who you are as … Continue reading

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Why Your Mindset Inside The Batter’s Box Is More Important Than How You Feel

Attention Hitters! The next five minutes will change your baseball career for the better if you let it. We are joined by University of Washington Hitting Coach and friend, Donagal Fergus. Coach Fergus is one of my favorite guys in … Continue reading

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D1 Baseball Coach Shares The Intangibles He Looks For When Recruiting

  Wow, it’s been a crazy month in the baseball world. A few congratulations are in order before we get to today’s article. 1. Congrats to Vanderbilt for winning the 2014 CWS. Coach Corbin is a great coach who has … Continue reading

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A Professional Hitter’s Batting Tee Routine You Should Steal (With Matt Murton)

If you are a hitter who wants to make it to the next level, you hopefully understand by now that it’s going to take hard work. With that being said, two other crucial factors of being a great hitter are … Continue reading

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What It Takes To Make It To The Big Leagues (Video w/ KC Royals Director of Pro Scouting)

Chances are, if you’re a Next Level Ballplayer subscriber, you’ve dreamt of one day playing in the Big Leagues. Shoot, I STILL have dreams about it, and that ship has definitely sailed. While that dream might seem far away if … Continue reading

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