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Otis Nixon on Defense

Today Next Level Ballplayer got together with Otis Nixon, a Center Fielder who played with the Atlanta Braves when they were one of the most dominate teams in the MLB. In this interview, you’ll hear Otis’ top advice for young … Continue reading

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Keys to Mental Toughness in Baseball with Ken Ravizza

Today we have a treat as I sit down with one of the most respected mental coaches in all of baseball. Dr Ken Ravizza co-authored the famous book Heads Up Baseball, has been hired by multiple MLB teams, and consulted for multiple … Continue reading

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Crusty Reflections About the Greatest Game on Earth (By Tim Dillard)

Hi guys, we have quite the treat today! One of my favorite ballplayers in the world has written a guest post for Next Level Ballplayer and I hope everyone gets a chance to read it. Tim Dillard is in his … Continue reading

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Want a Deeper Focus In the Batters Box? Make This Simple Adjustment In Practice

Many players and coaches assume that when a hitter is struggling the plate the culprit is a mechanical or mental problem. Very seldom is the question, “is the hitter seeing the ball effectively” asked. “Sure they’re seeing the ball…their looking … Continue reading

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How a Gold Glove 3rd Basemen Cut Out 5-10 Errors Per Season

Throwing the baseball across the diamond is something a lot of infielders take for granted. It can be done without much thought, but if you are passionate about making it to the next level, you know by now that attention … Continue reading

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The Tools You Need To Be A Standout Infielder w Penn State’s Coach Cooper

Like everything else, being a great infielder takes hard work and dedication. It goes beyond having good hands and good feet. You have to take pride in your defense and have an aggressive mindset. These are just a few points … Continue reading

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