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The Tools You Need To Be A Standout Infielder w Penn State’s Coach Cooper

Like everything else, being a great infielder takes hard work and dedication. It goes beyond having good hands and good feet. You have to take pride in your defense and have an aggressive mindset. These are just a few points … Continue reading

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Ben Zobrist on Why His Hitting Approach Completely Changes Each April

Ever wonder what MLB All Star hitters work on in the pre season? Today we are joined by Rays All Star Ben Zobrist, to break down his pre season hitting philosophy and how that translates into in season success. Hint: … Continue reading

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Advanced Throwing for Infielders

As a lot of you guys know, I was recently in the Dominican Republic to speak to a group of baseball coaches at a conference in Alta Mayor, DR. One of the topics I spoke on was infield play and … Continue reading

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The “Best Way to Condition/Train Pitchers” w KU Baseball Strength Coach

I realize that the “Best Way to Condition Pitchers” title might be a little hard to prove because there are a lot of great pitchers and coaches who train many different ways. Regardless, I think that the video below does … Continue reading

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Playing Multiple Baseball Positions (How Important is it?) w Rick Sweet

How important is it to play different positions on the baseball field? The struggle for every player when they move on to the next level is breaking into the starting line up. Whether you’re an under clansmen in HS trying … Continue reading

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Indians’ Trevor Bauer Shares His “Wacky” Pitching Philosophy, How He Deals with Failure, His Mound Mentality, and More (Video)

Trevor Bauer might just be the most polarizing pitcher in the game today. He long tosses well beyond the length of a football field BEFORE every game he pitches. He never runs poles. He has at least seven pitches he … Continue reading

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