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Thomas Edison’s Pitching Advice That Helped Trevor Bauer Make It To The Big Leagues

The Indians’ Trevor Bauer has been one of the top prospects in baseball leading up to spending the majority of the 2014 MLB season in the big leagues. When I asked him about the biggest pitching lesson he learned that … Continue reading

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Crusty Reflections About the Greatest Game on Earth (By Tim Dillard)

Hi guys, we have quite the treat today! One of my favorite ballplayers in the world has written a guest post for Next Level Ballplayer and I hope everyone gets a chance to read it. Tim Dillard is in his … Continue reading

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Duke Pitching Coach Shares New Pitching Tips!

So you want to be a collegiate pitcher. Well what should your mind-set be if and when you get the chance? How are you going to adapt quickly to the players with a higher level of ability. What will be … Continue reading

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How Pitching In The Moment Took Jake Johansen From a 45th Rounder to a 2nd Round MLB Draft Pick

Today we dive into the importance of pitchers being able to stay in the moment while on the mound. Our minds seem to always be tempted to dwell on the past or the future. The best ballplayers learn to train … Continue reading

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Big League Pitching Advice w Giants’ Santiago Casilla (Refocusing After Giving Up a Big Hit, and More)

I had the privilege to hang out with Santiago Casilla in Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic a few weeks ago. We were speaking at the same baseball conference put on for about 150 Dominican baseball coaches. Santiago has an amazing story … Continue reading

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Derek Holland Shows You How To Take Care of Business!

The best players in the game know how to use emotion to achieve peak performance levels. They don’t let negative emotions dictate how they perform, but they do use positive emotions as an asset to execute in key situations. In … Continue reading

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