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Having Fun In a Game of Failure and More with Adam Dunn

Hey what’s up guys, hope everyone is having a great week. If you are a fan of long home runs, you are automatically a fan of the White Sox’s Adam Dunn. Dunn is in his 14th big league seasons and … Continue reading

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Wanna Play Baseball With Confidence? Ask Yourself This Question

Serious hitters and coaches, listen up. We have a gem today. Not too long ago I spent a long weekend in Dallas at the American Baseball Coaches Association representing Next Level Ballplayer and catching up with friends and former coaches … Continue reading

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Ben Zobrist on Why His Hitting Approach Completely Changes Each April

Ever wonder what MLB All Star hitters work on in the pre season? Today we are joined by Rays All Star Ben Zobrist, to break down his pre season hitting philosophy and how that translates into in season success. Hint: … Continue reading

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Why Angled Front Toss Is Logan Forsythe’s Favorite Hitting Drill

A lot of times I hear players talk about a certain hitting drill they like to go back to when they are struggling a little bit, but rarely do I hear a hitter talk about a specific drill he likes … Continue reading

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Taking Pitches vs Being Aggressive Early in the Count” w Indians’ Hitting Instructor Jason Stein

Depending on the day and person you will hear many different hitting philosophies. Some coaches preach working the count and others are all about being aggressive at all times. Today we hear a very compelling argument for being aggressive… Especially … Continue reading

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James Ramsey On His # 1 Work Ethic Tip, Making BIG Positional Changes and More

If you’re a player who’s currently preparing for the upcoming baseball season and training this fall, make sure you take notes on this video. James Ramsey has played with some of the best college players and has given a fantastic … Continue reading

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