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Ned Yost on Creating a Winning Culture in Kansas City

One thing that you hear over and over again, is that the Royals are a close knit team that plays “team baseball”. They had the epic postseason run in 2014 and came back to win the 2015 World Series. When … Continue reading

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Ned Yost On Evaluating Baseball Talent

NLB had the pleasure to speak with Ned Yost about the power of building rapport within a ball club not too long ago. Often times, the information that holds the potential for a transformative outlook on the game comes in … Continue reading

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LCC Coach Eddie Smith Answers Your Baseball & Recruiting Questions Part 1

Once again you guys did a great job of sending in hard hitting questions for our interview with Lower Columbia College head baseball coach Eddie Smith. Coach Smith previously coached at Notre Dame, Virginia, and Santa Clara, and has an … Continue reading

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Why Your Mindset Inside The Batter’s Box Is More Important Than How You Feel

Attention Hitters! The next five minutes will change your baseball career for the better if you let it. We are joined by University of Washington Hitting Coach and friend, Donagal Fergus. Coach Fergus is one of my favorite guys in … Continue reading

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Most Effective Way Catchers Can Improve Pop Time (Answer Might Surprise You)

“Pop Time” is a very sexy term in the world of catching. Every catcher with aspirations of playing at the next level probably knows their pop time and has goals in place to help improve that time. Most people immediately … Continue reading

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The Tools You Need To Be A Standout Infielder w Penn State’s Coach Cooper

Like everything else, being a great infielder takes hard work and dedication. It goes beyond having good hands and good feet. You have to take pride in your defense and have an aggressive mindset. These are just a few points … Continue reading

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