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Why You Catchers Should Never Frame Another Pitch Again (With Mets’ Catching Prospect Blake Forsythe)

Young catchers are usually taught at a young age that one of their main jobs behind the plate is to frame pitches. Especially at younger levels this can get pretty extreme. As you get to higher levels of baseball and … Continue reading

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Most Effective Way Catchers Can Improve Pop Time (Answer Might Surprise You)

“Pop Time” is a very sexy term in the world of catching. Every catcher with aspirations of playing at the next level probably knows their pop time and has goals in place to help improve that time. Most people immediately … Continue reading

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Approach at the Plate, Quickly Adjusting to Catching for a New Pitching Staff, 8 A.M. College Classes & More with Dodgers’ Catcher Tim Federowicz

If you’re a hitter, listen up.  If you’re a catcher, get cozy and read through this interview twice.  Today we are joined by Dodgers’ catcher Tim Federowicz.  His last name is hard to say, but he is one of the … Continue reading

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Catching Like a Big Leaguer with J.P. Arencibia (video)

Serious catchers out there, listen up!  Today we gain some big league catching insight from Blue Jays’ catcher J.P. Arencibia.   You might remember the NLB article a little while back with J.P. about hitting and why slumps are all mental. This … Continue reading

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Why “Batting Gloves are Overrated” and More from Red Sox Prospect Blake Swihart

After interviewing one of the Yankees’ top prospects Mason Williams a few weeks ago, some Next Level Ballplayer followers (from Red Sox Nation) sent me a few “comments”.  They “politely” asked me to stop wasting my time with Yankee interviews, … Continue reading

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What It Takes To Be A Great Catcher with Sal Fasano (Video)

Hey catchers and coaches, listen up! We have a catching-specific interview today with long time MLB catcher and current AA coach for the Blue Jays, Sal Fasano. Sal played for 10 different teams over his 13 seasons and was well-known … Continue reading

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