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How we lost all our money, got in the stadium without a ticket, avoided getting arrested, and had a night we’ll never forget

As a lot of you might know already, I took a last minute road trip to St Louis for game 7 of the World Series. What you might not know is that I wrote about it in a guest post on DiamondHoggers and then it blew up. Blew up on Yahoo’s Big League Stew, Dead Spin, and then many more. Next thing I know, radio shows are contacting me to be on their shows (hear my ESPN Radio interview below)! If you haven’t read the story, you can read it on Diamond Hoggers.

We took video throughout the epic night and people have been asking for it. All will be released eventually, but here are a few of the video highlights. ENJOY… #EPIC

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  • Eric

    #EPIC… Loved every word of it.

  • Trent

    As much as I despise the Cards, that video still gives me chills.